Fujikura VENTUS TR 7X Wood Shaft


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The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft is a high-performance golf shaft designed for drivers and fairway woods. Here are some key features and benefits of this shaft:

  • Materials: The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft is made with high-quality carbon fiber materials that are designed to be both lightweight and strong, allowing for faster swing speeds and greater energy transfer to the ball.
  • Titanium Reinforcement: The shaft has a unique titanium reinforcement design, which helps to improve stability and reduce twisting at impact, resulting in a more consistent and accurate ball flight.
  • Bend Profile: The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft has a unique bend profile that is designed to maximize the performance of drivers and fairway woods. It has a mid-to-high launch and low spin, which helps to promote a high trajectory and long carry distance.
  • Flexibility: The shaft has a responsive tip section that helps to improve ball speed and launch conditions, particularly for golfers with moderate swing speeds.
  • Design: The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft has a unique design that incorporates a “VeloCore” technology, which helps to increase energy transfer to the ball and improve accuracy.

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