LA Golf A Series Hybrid Shaft


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Introducing the LA Golf A Series hybrid shaft – the ultimate performance upgrade for your game. Key features:

– Advanced Materials: Crafted with precision using high-quality carbon fiber for optimal strength and lightweight design.
– Explosive Power: Low kick-point design delivers explosive energy transfer, resulting in impressive distance gains and optimal launch conditions.
– Enhanced Accuracy: Low torque rating minimizes twisting during the swing, providing improved accuracy and consistency.
– Versatile Design: Meticulously engineered for stability and adaptability, fitting a wide range of players and swing speeds.

Unleash your potential with the LA Golf A Series hybrid shaft, combining distance, accuracy, and versatility for unmatched performance on the course.

Available options:

Low 105H-5 (Extra Stiff Flex)

Mid 85H-4 (Stiff Flex)

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Low 105H-5, Mid 85H-4


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