Krank Formula Fire X Driver Head (Right Handed)

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Experience the exceptional Formula FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT Driver, meticulously handcrafted with a cupped faced forged design, catering to swing speeds between 105 and 85mph or an average driving distance of 260 to 200 yards. Krank Golf sets itself apart by offering three driver face thicknesses, with this driver featuring a middle face thickness. With a commitment to superior quality, Krank Golf exclusively utilizes the highest-grade beta titanium, ensuring unparalleled hardness for optimal performance. Prepare to unleash Krank’s signature speed and accuracy as you embrace the next evolution in golf technology. The FIRE X HIGH-COR/HIGH CT Driver represents over two decades of knowledge, incorporating features such as triple plasma welding, hardened Beta Titanium, and strategically placed sole plate louver for maximum energy transfer. Embrace unrivaled performance and durability that outshines the competition.



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