Mitsubishi Chemical TENSEI 1K Series


TENSEI 1K Black is designed for powerful swings without compromising feel and responsiveness. It applies a focused layer of 1K carbon fiber, the same high-performance material found in the TENSEI 1K Pro family, to enhance handle strength, minimize torque, and deliver the distinctive “1K feel.” The shaft incorporates the Xlink Tech Resin System in the tip section to boost tip strength and overall durability. Controlled tip stiffness and torque result from the use of 40-ton carbon fiber in the shaft’s construction. Finished with a subtle matte clear finish, this shaft provides high-speed players with the sought-after combination of low launch, low spin performance, and a stylish aesthetic.

TENSEI 1K Pro White

TENSEI 1K Pro White incorporates the innovative Xlink Tech Resin System, a proprietary development that substantially boosts carbon fiber volume, enhancing feel and strengthening the shaft. Added strength comes from the use of high-modulus 46-ton carbon fiber and boron in the tip section.

TENSEI 1K Pro Orange

The low launch, low spin TENSEI 1K Pro Orange achieves counterbalance by using tungsten powder in the handle section and also features super-premium 1K carbon fiber in the handle to decrease ovalization and deformation under load. This increases stability and also makes the shaft feel better. The shaft is further fortified through the use of high-modulus MR70 material tip side and is finished off with our breakthrough Xlink Tech Resin System to drastically increase carbon fiber volume for better feel without sacrificing any of the shaft’s strength.

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